How To Hide Wordpress Login Page From Hackers

Hiding your WordPress login page is very important to prevent hackers from gaining access to the backend of your website. I was surprise to know that a big media outfit like Vanguard Newspaper aren’t putting enough security measures on their website. For research purpose, I tried accessing Vanguard website admin login page and discovered that it isn’t blocked. Vanguard uses Wordpress and their admin login is very vulnerable. Note, I wasn’t trying to hack Vanguard newspaper website, it’s strictly for research. 

Don’t be like Vanguard, take proactive measures instead of reactive measures in ensuring the security of your Wordpress website. It's a simple process all we need to do is to install ‘’ithemes security plugins’’ in your WordPress blog or website, the plugin comes with a lot of features but one the advance feature is to hide your login page that the wp-admin page, this is the page most hackers are looking for that they can use bots or SQL injection codes to generate random user and pass of your site to login so hiding the backend it's very important.

How do I hide my WordPress login page from hackers? 

Step one:  Install iThemes security plugin, search for ‘’iThemes security plugin’’ on your WordPress dashboard and install it.

 Step two: You click on advance features in the plugin and click ‘’hide wp backend’’ and change it with any words that you can remember at any time or you save the link somewhere. For illustration, the default admin login for Wordpress is . Replace wp-admin with any phrase of your choice. E.g. . “Edeson Login’’ signifies the phrase. So, you have to use your own phrase.

This means that when a non admin of the website tries to access it will redirect to 404 page (NON Existing Page). This is a crucial measure in preventing hackers from accessing your site backend. 

 The final Step;  You click update, and with that your login page is protected from hackers and you also need to add WordPress security login questions to make the site safer.

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Johnson Ahile

Endy is it only ithemes plugin that does it?

Endy Edeson

@Ahile; iThemes plugin is the best because it works with almost all Themes. Though, there are other alternatives

Frank Chijioke Adeyinka

wow nice tutorials

Endy Edeson

Thanks Frank

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Techie l'omo lati 9ja. The most incredible techie out of 9ja,well done sir

Endy Edeson

Obanla; Thanks. I love this job so much. Stay tuned, expect more insightful posts and ICT tutorials