The Love You Have For Yourself is a Million Love

The love you have for yourself is a million love no one else can have for you. Have you ever seen or heard anyone saying, "Love your neighbour as you love yourself" I guess you have. If you don't love yourself there is no magic that you will love anyone else; many people came from background they frown at but I challenge you whatever background you may have come from make sure you take control of it. If you loose the love you have for yourself then you have also loose your enthusiasm in life and that is the worst bankruptcy that can happen to anyone but my prayer for you is never to lack.

It is because of the love and enthusiasm in life I have that made me to write this for you. You may have made costly mistakes and you think there is no reason to move on again, I urge you to carry on again with the amount of enthusiasm you have.
It is only when you love yourself that you maintain your self-esteem, which is your self-worth.
I believe each one of us in life is unique inspite of our backgrounds. You are unique and I am unique. I have come across many conflicting situations in life that I do not have anything to do than to love myself. The love you have for yourself is greater than the love a million persons can have for you.

Love Yourself
It is not expensive to do so
The love you have for yourself
Is like fuel that keeps a car moving.
When you love yourself
You also love the world.
Let loving yourself be a duty in your life.

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