The Lawyer Who Refused To Make Love To 9 Prostitutes

So many people use their position, career or profession to take advantages of others. This Igbo born lawyer Mr. Cletus James was exceptional. He is courteous, discipline and faithful. Barr. Cletus refused to make love to 9 prostitutes who wanted to use sex as a means or bribe to make him do what ever they say.

9 Prostitues namely; Nicky, Jane, Tina, Ada, Mouldline, Ebere, Judith, Janet, Mirrian and was found wondering in the street of Lagos looking for who to buy their products, but that night was a fateful and unlucky one for then when policemen allegedly arrested them for the death of an important politician who was found dead in their camp. 

This bone of contention was not a minor one as it was taken to the court. The 9 prostitutes hired a lawyer to defend them, when the case was becoming tougher they ran out of money and had no other offer for their lawyer than sex, if they loose the case they would stand the chance of going to life imprisonment.
The future of this young prostitutes became dark when the lawyer (Barr. Cletus James) turned down their offer. This lawyer is a faithful man who had earlier run defiled his fidelity to his wife but later turned to a new leaf and vowed never to go contrary to his marital vows. When he discovered that his House girl was trying to seduce him; he paid her off and sacked her.

Today the nine prostitutes are facing their jail term after been found guilty of the crime.

Prostitution is an ill in the society and not every young girl out there should say yes to it. No body knew who killed the politician but for the fact that he was found in the prostitutes camp made the police to suspect them. Where are you now young ladies? Are you in an environment of suspicion because of situation or in an environment of realizing tall dreams? Think of it vividly, there is more to life than involving in this unwanted societal illness called prostitution. 

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