Mobile Number Portability - How to PORT From One Network to Another

We all know the latest rave in the Nigerian telecommunications industry is Mobile Number Portability (MNP). We’ve seen the comic adverts from different networks with which they’re trying to get a cut of each other’s pies without mentioning their competitors’ names. So what is this Mobile Number Portability all about?
Mobile Number Portability is all about your mobile number becoming ‘Mobile’; to put it literally. Any mobile number from any network can now be used across all networks on the same platform, i.e. an MTN number can be migrated to Etisalat’s network, and vice versa. However, an MTN number CANNOT be migrated to Visafone or Starcomms, because those two are CDMA, not GSM networks. That means, phone numbers from all the four GSM networks in Nigeria (MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Glo) can be used across all the networks.

Mobile Number Portability will induce a drive for excellent service and customer care in the telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria – at least, that is the intended effect. Whether that intended effect will take place remains to be seen. At the moment, all we can see are numerous comical adverts while the advertising companies and personalities branding the various networks are smiling all the way to the bank :D
For the sake of clarity, let’s create a hypothetical scenario of Mr A with phone number 08051234567 who wants to PORT from Glo to Airtel. Mr. A has to go to Airtel office to get this done; where he will be given a new Airtel sim which will still bear his phone number (08051234567). In other words, his former Glo number (08051234567) has become an Airtel number. That means Mr. A has ported from Glo to Airtel. Below is a description of terms used to describe the PORTing process:
Subscriber: Mr. A
Recipient network: Airtel network which Mr. A is porting into
Donor network: Glo network which Mr. A is porting out from
Port In: Mr. A is porting in to Airtel
Port Out: Mr. A is porting out from Glo
To PORT from Glo to Airtel, Mr. A has to visit a customer service center of the recipient operator (Airtel). When he makes his request there, he will be required to:
  1. Fill a Mobile Number Portability request form.
  2. Provide a valid proof of identification with a clear passport photograph (a recent photo will be ideal).
  3. He must have registered the sim card of the Donor network that he wants to port, with that same network, i.e. since he is porting a Glo sim, he must have previously registered that Glo sim with Glo.
  4. The Glo sim Mr. A wants to port must be currently active.
  5. He will be required to send ‘PORT” as a text message to 3232, using the Glo sim that he wants to port.
  6. After satisfying this requirement, Mr. A will be issued a new Airtel sim which he will insert into his phone, NOT immediately but after a stipulated period of time, by which time the Glo sim must have been deactivated.
  7. The recipient network – in this case, Airtel - will send Mr. A’s request to Number Portability Clearing House where the request will be processed. If the line to be ported, the registered owner of the line and the request are validated OK, Mr. A’s Glo sim card will be deactivated and the new Airtel sim he was given will become active.
  8. Any credit he had on his glo sim will NOT be carried over to his new Airtel sim. The new sim will be placed on the recipient network’s default tariff plan, or a plan of his preference, if applicable.
  9. Mr. A will NOT be able to port from Airtel to any other network within 90 days, as porting is possible only once in 90 days.
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