How To use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Personal Unblocking Number (PUK) to Unblock AIREL Sim

Your SIM card comes with the PIN feature deactivated and is thus ready for use.
If you desire to activate the PIN feature please follow the instructions   below. (It is advisable for you to enable the PIN feature in order to prevent unauthorized access to your SIM card).

To activate and personalize your PIN 
  1. Your SIM PIN is a 4-digit secret number that protects your phone from   unauthorized use. All Airtel SIM Cards are programmed with a default SIM   PIN number.
  2. It   is advisable that you change the default PIN number to a 4-digit number   of your choice. To change the PIN number, enter your default PIN which   is 1111 and the desired new PIN in the sequence   **04*defaultpin*newpin*newpin#  
  3. Your new PIN can be any 4-digit number. (Just ensure they are digits you can easily remember).
Please Note:
Once   the PIN feature is activated it will be required whenever you switch   your phone on. If an incorrect PIN is entered into your phone three   consecutive times, your phone will become PIN blocked, and you will   require your PUK code to unblock it. The PUK code is printed on the   plastic body surrounding your SIM card or on the SIM certificate.     

To unblock Your SIM card
If   you mistakenly enter the wrong PIN code three times in succession, your   SIM card will get blocked. This is a security measure that protects   your phone from unauthorized use. To unblock your SIM card, follow the procedure below:
  1. Find the PUK printed on your SIM plastic body or certificate and: Simply type **05*PUK*new pin*new pin# and press "Yes/Send/OK/Enter".
  2. Your 'new pin' can be a new PIN number or the old PIN number you were using.
  3. If your SIM plastic body or certificate is lost, you will need to apply for a new SIM certificate at any Airtel Centre. You will also be required to complete a call history form and provide evidence of purchase.

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