A Lesson For Every Aspiring Woman

It is widely accepted that what a man can do, a woman can do better; if a man can drive a car, a woman can also drive; if a man can fly aeroplane a woman can also fly and if a man can be corrupt a woman can also be corrupt.
There is high rate of women seeking for position in the world. Women feel cheated and inferior to men when their services is not needed in any organization or society; that's why Nigeria's 5th republic president UMARU MUSA YAR'ADUA who has respect for the rule of law gave 30% official position to the credible Nigerian women.

Mrs. Patricia Etteh emerged the first female speaker among the chosen ones. Before then, Nigeria has recorded gorgeous women that had held positions among which are: Prof. Dora Akunyili (the former DG of NAFDAC), Oby Ezekwesiri (former Minister of Education), Ndie Okereke (former Minister for Finance) among others. The above-mentioned dignitaries made Nigeria proud with their spirited effort towards the growth of the Nation.

In less than three months in office, the first female Speaker had nothing to contribute to the nation but to deceitfully renovate her official residence and that of her deputy BABANGIDA NGORUjE with an alarming sum of N628M. The renovation of her official residence generated mix reactions from the members of the house and the public. A panel led by DAVID IDOKO was set up to checkmate her as they concede that she did not follow DUE process in carrying out the project.
Consequently, Integrity Group was also set up to scrutinize her renovation scandal. Etteh was asked to step down to allow a temporary speaker presides over the issue but she became adamant. In the heat of the argument on whether she is to step down. The death of a member in the house who was hypertensive was recorded due to pressure rising from series of argument in the house concerning the scandal.
Nigerian Women Journalist also urged her to step aside from office for the case to be scrutinize and if she is found guilty of the scan, she would be prosecuted. Mrs. Patricia Etteh could not bear the fight, quarrels, insult in the house and the derogatory remarks made by the public against her. She shamefully decided to step down as she saw her dram on the line and a temporary speaker was imposed. Two days later, then 38-yr-old DIMIJI BANKWULI was appointed the new Speaker alongside a new deputy after Etteh was found guilty of the deceit.
The resignation and removal of Etteh is indeed a crash of a dream and every aspiring woman should learn a lesson from her.

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